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Dr. Ahmad Al Hinawi

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Born in 1966, certified composer, orchestra conductor, Fagot and Oud player. He graduated from the Cairo Conservatory in 1991 in the “Composition and Leadership” department and the “Wind and Percussion” department with distinction degree. His first batch was appointed as a teaching assistant and then obtained M.A. then got PHD.

He represented Egypt in many international festivals and his works were presented through the theaters of the Egyptian Opera House and various cultural centers inside and outside Egypt. Worked as a soloist Fagot player in the Cairo Symphony Orchestra.

He joined the work as the first performer and pioneer of the Fagout Group in the Cairo Opera Orchestra since its inception and also established and led the ”Wind and Percussion Orchestra“ in the Conservatory. He composed and conducted the orchestra of Adam and Eve operas in 2004.

He was a member of the management committee and executive director of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, and arranged the music for many artists' works and composed many theatrical works, radio series, documentaries and feature films in the Egyptian television.

He composed and distributed music as the Bibliotheca Alexandria presented a whole party of his compositions and worked as director of its musical programs.

He published a research entitled: “Hassaballah Band for Egyptian Music” (a historical report and analysis of performance techniques) through the Swiss Culture Foundation and the Supreme Council of Culture 2013. At the invitation of the Opera House management, he participated in the activities of the Arab Creators Festival. He is currently teaching “Computer Notation” and “Popular Music Notation” at the Higher Institute of Folklore at the Academy of Arts since 2011and he is a Professor of "Instrumentation" and "Orchestral Distribution" at the Military College of Science and Administration, Hilwan University since 2014 until now. He was an external examiner for the final year in the Department of Composition and Theories at the National Institute of Music in the State of Kuwait in 2014. He is a member of the Curriculum Development Committee at the Conservatory Institute and is currently working Professor at Cairo Conservatory. Among his most important works:

“A classic trilogy of flute, clarinet and fagot” “The code visited” for the Al-Hajra Orchestra, “Souk Al-Khamis” for the Wind Orchestra and many more. He distributed the choir and orchestra music for some patriotic works that were presented at the Grand Theater of the Egyptian Opera House in the presence of the President.

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